Friday, September 23, 2005

Sourav & The Cricket Circus

Look at Sourav's expression closely. How can you even say that this guy is responsive to any constructive suggestions?

Why is everyone making such a big deal of the Sourav episode? The guy should never have been in the team, leave alone score 10,000 runs in one-dayers and lead the team a record number of times. Apart from being an apalling fielder that never made any efforts to improve, his body language continues to resemble that of zombie injected with shots of caffiene sporadically. In fact, I just saw a tape of India vs WI in '91-'92 (when touring Australia) when Sourav made his debut. All that I can say is that he has not changed ONE BIT in the last fourteen-some years.
He continues to be a dead and lifeless duck on the field with absolutely no core competencies (except purposeless cockiness and arrogance). In fact, C.K.Prahalad will have to rack his brains and probably shut down is pet "Praja Inc." if we were to entice him into performing a study to identify Sourav's positive core competencies!!
Sourav's negative presence is also rampant because he influences the selection and re-selection his boy-toys such as Ajit Agarkar, Harbhajan Singh, Parthiv and Deep Dasgupta until a national furore awoke India's dumb and stupid cricket viewereship which put paid to the latter two's presence in the squad. We also have the highly over-rated Yuvraj Singh and Mohammed Kaif. Supporters of their selection sound like these age-old servile retired governement servants who served the country during the British-times and start every sentence with " 1938, when I was posted in the Madras Presidency...". The only difference is that the asses who support Yuvraj and Kaif would say, "......what about the Lords final in 2002 when these 2 guys won the match and Sourav ran around the ground in his undies..." (in an obvious retalliation to what Flintoff did a couple of months before that match.......uuugggghhh - don't you even know what to retalliate to???)
If the board really wants to have cricketing team that performs (which I doubt they do!)- the first step would be to get rid of all these hollow superstars, go to the villages and pick a bunch of guys who can actually run, give them some good education, and teach them the game. In the interim, INDIA should withdraw from the ICC and stop fielding a national team!!

Friday, September 09, 2005


Above: Kapali Koil @ 8:30 AM in May 2005. The haze is not because of the heat!

Below: My father is pleading with me to not waste the film, battery, memory, etc on the camera by my random clicking...("chumma waste pannadhe")

I think Chennai is a fantastic place. Not because I am a Chennai-ite, but also becuase it has a certain "class" that sets it apart from the other metros in India. I would like this blog-site of mine to be very Chennai in spirit - covering topics and issues that are relevant, and at the same time interesting.
For instance, I would like to avoid going ga-ga over things like:
Sachin Tendulkar, Maria Sharapova, A.R. Rehman, Aiswarya Rai, etc who are no doubt great success stories, but are accompanied by too much hype and offer little or no 'education' to the aspiring.

Friday, August 26, 2005


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